Tuesday, January 31, 2012

4 tips for managers to help employees realize their potential

Almost every company focuses on hiring and recruiting star employees, but it is not enough to simply hire the best. To utilize all of that “rock star” potential, you must give them the culture and environment in which to prosper.
The inspiration for this blog post stems from a recent conversation with a colleague. He confided that he had a dilemma in which his best employees were doing a lot extra work (which was good), but their efforts didn’t align with the business goals. He said to me in frustration, “If they have extra time, why can’t they just do more on their projects and assignments?”
After talking a while, it became clear he had a team of driven, ambitious employees, but there was something missing — a framework encouraging such overachievers to produce work rewarding themselves and the company. I suffered, too, from not having such a framework early in my career.
In my first job out of college, I was frustrated by my first review — I was rated as average. But I was accustomed to being above average; I could get A’s in school only by completing the homework and doing well on tests. However, in the corporate world, doing only what’s expected, even well, gets you average.
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