Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fight the Nine Symptoms of Corporate Decline

How do you know a team, company, or country is on the slippery slope of decline and needs a culture shift? I found nine universal warning signs of change-in-the-wrong direction in research for my book Confidence, which compared downward spirals with the momentum of success. The good news is that they are all reversible. Watching out for these behaviors is the first step toward building better habits.

First, the signs that there is more trouble ahead:

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Take recognition to the next level

As part of her compensation package, Tiffany DaSilva, senior online marketing manager with Achievers in Toronto, earns points for reaching certain goals. Points are given for meeting sales targets or saving the company money, or for doing something that demonstrates the company’s core values. Employees often trade those points for things such as a flat-screen TV or a high-end blender, but DaSilva had her eye on something a little different—she swapped her points for her newest family member, a miniature Chihuahua named Zooey.

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