Friday, January 20, 2012

Promote Employee Engagement to Enhance Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction

Disengaged employees often lead to disgruntled customers. A destination no company wants to reach. But for those employees who feel connected to their company and the service they provide, employee engagement and customer engagement walk hand-in-hand. In fact, 75 percent of employees working for organizations that are customer experience (CX) leaders deem themselves highly or moderately engaged, as opposed to 30 percent at companies that lag behind today's CX leaders.
The "Temkin Group Insight Report: Employee Engagement Benchmark Study" surveyed 2,435 U.S. employees to explore current employee engagement levels. According to Temkin Group, there are four customer experience core competencies: purposeful leadership, compelling brand values, customer connectedness, and employee engagement. However, employee engagement proves to be an area of struggle, as it has been the lowest scoring competency for the past two years despite being crucial to achieving superior business results.
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