Thursday, July 28, 2016

How To Make Employee Surveys Less of a Headache

Time and time again we hear from HR professionals that they fear and loathe the dreaded annual employee survey. It’s either work with some expensive consultant (and some of them are ridiculously expensive!) or try to do it all in-house with SurveyMonkey and save your bosses a bunch of money (assuming your own time is worth about $2 per hour). Since 2001 we’ve been offering companies a better way. It’s all about fast and easy without compromising on quality. We’ve got the expertise, the goods and the know-how and we won’t soak you on the costs. We help companies of all sizes make sense of survey data and we can help you too. Let us show you how. 

Rock your culture. Keep employees engaged, impassioned and happy. Insightlink's 4Cs Employee Survey delivers the actionable data you need to make good decisions and build happy teams. Clients love us. Find out why.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

33 Books Every Entrepreneur Needs on Their Reading List Right Now

Vacation time or busy season. Heat wave or comfortable living. Whatever characteristics the summer season conjures up for you, as a small business owner you're expected to tackle it with the same steam as every single other month of the year. It can also be a great time for reflection. For some, there’s no better summertime activity than to relax with a good book.
The following is a list of books that real entrepreneurs say shaped the way they do business, introduced new perspectives and essentially, changed their life. See the list here #theonething