Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Best Employer Hopefuls: It’s Not About the Perks

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Fortune Magazine annual Best Companies to Work For list. Call me an employee engagement geek but I look forward to this annual report even more than the holiday Neiman Marcus catalog. Primarily for the same psychological reason: The list of perks sparks the same sparkly envy synapses that those over-the-top toys do. It scratches the same itch: The need to know what goodies are the cool kids getting this year.
There are only 100 annual slots for the official Fortune magazine round-up of Best Companies to Work For. But here’s the good news: Any organization can be a great company to work for, no matter what your perk budget may be. It’s not about the perks. It’s not even about being a Best Company to Work For. It’s about giving your best talent a place where they can invest their passions in a community of equally passionate people. You can do that.
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