Friday, April 1, 2011

How an attorney general’s office taps inexpensive videos to boost engagement

Like many government agencies in today’s economic environment, Washington State’s Attorney General’s Office is experiencing budgeting issues. Sarah Lane, the office’s communications consultant, is using social media combined with traditional communications to try to keep employee morale up during this climate.
At her session, Lane shared her communications goals:
  • Keep employees engaged, connected and informed.
  • Help employees accept change and transition.
  • Recognize employee achievement.
  • Maintain high employee morale and satisfaction.
Part of the way the state accomplishes these goals is through what Lane calls “HOT communications,” HOT stands for honest, open and two-way. Lane believes that a key part of engaging employees is keeping them informed of issues the office is facing, such as budget cuts and hiring freezes.
One such vehicle is the attorney general’s blog, Monday Minute with Rob, available on the employee intranet.
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