Wednesday, April 27, 2011

HR role vital in keeping employee engagement high

Today organisations have become lean. That is due to the market conditions and new business processes coming into play. We find the new organisational set up has led to leaving some of the executives over worked. The Pareto principle seems to still stick around - ‘the vital few and trivial many is' plaguing organisations even now.
This means that only 20 per cent of the work force in a company is fully and actively engaged and the rest are in different levels of engagement. Employee engagement remains an area that throws up new challenges to managers. Why does this happen, should be the question every manager must analyse and implement solutions that can bring a turnaround in the mind set of those employees who are not actively engaged.
The reasons for teams and people in them not delivering their best can be many. These reasons may also vary from time to time. So it is necessary that the HR manager monitors teams and individuals by interacting with each team's manager. HR plays a very crucial role in keeping the employees engaged. A survey has revealed that only a meagre four percent of HR senior managers concentrate on employee engagement. But on the other hand 90 per cent of these managers were highly concerned about employee retention. The fact of the matter is that both employee engagement and retention are closely related. And this relationship has an impact on the top revenues and the bottom-line.
Disengaged employees are a disgruntled lot and can become a drag on those who are going full swing at their work.
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