Monday, April 11, 2011

Top 6 Rules Of Employee Engagement

Apr 06, 2011 -
Everyone talks about customer engagement, but what about employee engagement?
As a small business owner, this may be the last topic on your mind. Instead, you are focused on attracting new customers, retaining current ones and simply making ends meet. While these points are important, so is creating an environment which breeds motivated and enthusiastic employees.
“If you have satisfied employees, they will treat your customers better; then your customers will come back and refer you to others,” says Jack Zenger, author of The Extraordinary Leader and co-founder of Zenger Folkman, a consulting and leadership firm based in Orem, Utah. “We’ve done several studies on this topic and always found that when you improve employee engagement, you improve customer satisfaction—which then turns into increased revenue.”
Not sure how to engage your employees? Try following these rules:
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