Thursday, April 28, 2011

It is back to being an employee’s market. How to manage a global diversified workforce is a great challenge for HR professionals

Donna Morris, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Adobe Systems Incorporated shares her views on the current trends in the IT and related industries

Please tell us something about the employment trends in the industry?
The trend is back to being an employee’s market. So, when we saw the impact of the North American recession back in 2008-2009, clearly that was a period of time that if an employer had an opportunity, he might have an ample supply of talent. But it’s not the same case now. Also, our bar for talent is always very high. So even at that point in time we might have thought that there are a lot more people in the market by virtue of the recession, it was always challenging for us to find the right individuals. I think the shift for all companies is ensuring that they have the opportunity to really articulate their employment brand, making sure that you put your best foot forward in really articulating what it is that you are looking for in terms of skills and capabilities and really creating an experience where people not only look to you to come and work but look to you to come and grow their career.

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