Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Magic of Employee Engagement

Who doesn't like to fly Southwest Airlines? Huge numbers of people are just nuts about Southwest, true blue fans. So much that Southwest Airlines is now the largest carrier of passengers in the largest market in the world. Profitable since its inception in 1972, its stock ticker symbol LUV, says it all. Not only are customers made to feel welcome and appreciated at Southwest Airlines, but so are their bags. The Southwest Difference just oozes out of every employee. Southwest Airlines built their business on a culture of engagement. Southwest engages and energizes employees who in turn naturally engage and energize customers. Southwest makes flying fun.
We frequently hear leaders state that their employees are their most valuable resource. And that is a statement most everyone can agree on. What is not so straightforward, however, is how to access the full value that employees can bring to the organization, and its customers. How to fully engage those most valuable resources and leverage them for the good of all concerned remains a mystery to most.
An engaged employee is one who is fully involved in and enthusiastic about his or her work and will naturally act in a way that furthers the organization's interests. We like to say engaged employees are tuned into and turned on by their work. Engaged employees are naturally more productive, quality oriented, team centered, customer focused, safety conscious, and take more ownership for their performance and for business outcomes. As we effectively engage employees, we tap into a resource that is darned near infinite.....our People Power.
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