Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Employee Engagement Norms Bulletin 2011


Loyalty and Engagement - Connecting Human Capital to the Bottom Line

Our 2010/2011 Employee Engagement Norms report is now available.
As an HR professional you work in the world of human capital - recruiting it, nurturing it, guiding it, managing it. And if your organization is like most, you are often called upon to connect those efforts to more traditional forms of capital, showing how your organization's HR investment contributes to its bottom line. At Insightlink, through both our proprietary 4Cs model of Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation and our ongoing research into employee loyalty, engagement and satisfaction, we can provide a measurement-based framework for understanding and increasing your organization's return on its human capital investment.
It's easy to see why making this connection between human capital and an organization's performance is so important. There is significant evidence that, as employee job satisfaction and engagement increase, so too does an organization's financial performance, as a direct result of higher employee productivity, improved employee retention and greater customer satisfaction.
This report summarizes the findings of our most recent employee engagement norms study. It's a snapshop of the current drivers of engagement and satisfaction among U.S. and Canadian employees. To collect this data, Insightlink conducts an independent annual survey of randomly selected employees in North America.
Visit Insightlink.com to request a complimentary copy of the complete report.

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