Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Supportive employee services needed to reduce workplace stress?

Offering supportive employee services could be an important way of helping personnel cope with workplace stress, as one expert has advised staff members to reach out to mentors and bosses if they feel they need to.
Chartered psychologist Sue Firth told people they should talk about their troubles if they are feeling under strain.
This could be a key time for individuals to look for support, as many are currently worrying about the security of their roles, while new research has also revealed pressure from jobs is a problem for more employees now than 60 years ago.
To mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development commissioned a Work Audit investigating how the work situation of Britons has changed since the monarch’s coronation in 1952.
Although job satisfaction was found to be higher than it was 60 years ago, the latter decades of Elizabeth II’s reign have seen increased levels of stress among personnel.
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