Monday, February 27, 2012

Dreading work? You can do something about that

What are you afraid of at work? Becoming redundant? Your Freddie Krueger boss? That you’ll show up at the weekly team meeting without pants? That no one will notice?
While we may be reluctant to discuss what frightens us (fear of looking weak or vulnerable), fear affects our behaviour and can seriously block our career path.
There are multiple reasons why people feel anxiety in the workplace, and they are usually less obvious than a bully in the corner office. Alan Kearns, career coach and founder of CareerJoy, says one of the most common fears his clients have is fear of not reaching their potential.
“Fear of getting stuck or being passed over are huge issues for a lot of people,” Mr. Kearns says. “They’re anxious that their career has stalled. Or maybe there’s a position coming up that they feel qualified for but they think somebody else is going to take it. There’s also the baseline fear people have about being restructured and losing their job.”
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