Friday, July 2, 2010

Your Company Is not a Democracy - Leadership -

The most effective leaders are benevolent dictators who hold employees accountable. 

Most problems that occur in small businesses trace back to one fatal characteristic: lack of adequate ownership and leadership.

I'm a big proponent of the "just view me as god" school of management. Burn your lovey-dovey management degree. Owning a business isn't a popularity contest, and you're not there for a social experience. You cannot be effective as the owner of a business unless you are feared and respected by your employees. Likability is nice but not necessary. You've got to demand what you want.

Small-business owners generally don't do this. They attend seminars and read books on sensitivity and how to make their employees love them. They want to be friends and colleagues. Hard and fast rules make them squeamish. They operate under the mistaken but widely held belief that they'll get more out of their employees if they're loved.

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Your Company Is not a Democracy - Leadership -

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