Friday, July 23, 2010

Spherion Emerging Workforce Study

Portrait of the American Workforce

Different Breeds of Workers

  • — In 2009, the workforce is 22% emergent, 50% migrating and 28% traditional.
  • — Emergent workers are highly educated - 45% have graduate degree, 27% college degree.
  • — The mean age of emergent workers is 42 years old and male to female ratio is 57%:43%.
  • — The average emergent employee works 44.3 hours per week.
  • Emergent and traditional workers have varying definitions, values about workplace:

Workers Have Inherent Desire for Efficiency and Innovation

  • — 95% of workers today prefer a job that allows them to think creatively
  • — 88% of workers prefer a job that allows them to think of new & better ways to do things
  • — 94% of workers strongly agree that employees should seek their own career development opportunities, wherever they might be

To read about the complete study,  go to:

Spherion Emerging Workforce Study

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