Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Hire Orientation Programs Suck | Punk Rock Human Resources

Have you heard of the welcome wagon? It’s an informal neighborhood welcoming committee that greets you when you move into your new home.

Ken and I bought a home in 1999 and a few neighbors stopped by the house, dropped off a plate of cookies, and delivered a pamphlet with the names of our neighbors and their children, personal phone numbers, and information about local pizza and Chinese delivery.

I suggested, “You can put this on the internet.”

I was thinking GeoCities or a simple email distribution list.

“That’s not very safe,” my neighbor said.

That’s when I learned that the welcome wagon is a stupid concept. Get out of my house. I’m too busy unpacking my stuff and getting acclimated to hear about the best local dentist and the neighbor down the block with too many cats.


I think about the welcome wagon when I’m asked about new hire orientation programs. Human Resources departments want to roll out the red carpet and provide guidance, assistance, and advice to new employees. We want to make the transition easier, and we want employees to be productive as quickly as possible.

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New Hire Orientation Programs Suck | Punk Rock Human Resources

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