Friday, July 23, 2010

Why Are Organisations Interested In Employee Engagement?

by Dr Anton Franckeiss at ASK

Avoiding a history of broken engagements

Employee engagement is currently a hot topic, partly 'helped' (to use the wrong word) by an economic downturn where organisational leanness and occupational insecurity lurk like wolves at the door. Although the economy has focused attention, it has always been important for a simple reason. Employers want engaged employees because they deliver improved business performance - increased sales, profits and productivity, and reduced attrition.
Try looking at the issue from the other end of the telescope: what would be the benefits of having a disengaged workforce? What are the advantages of a workforce of clockwatchers who resent every working moment? Few that I can see - and it's a situation that can be avoided, with a bit of effort all round.
One key point in employee engagement lies in that 'all round'. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the links between the way people are managed, employee attitudes and business performance. And 'the way that people are managed' is more - and more subtle - than statements of terms and conditions and contractual rewards. The psychological contract - and maximising its positivity - plays an important part in driving engagement.

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Why Are Organisations Interested In Employee Engagement?

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