Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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The statistics speak for themselves: Employees are staying put, seemingly trying to wait out the recession.

A survey from employment placement firm Manpower reveals 81% workers are not job hunting, even though 51% feel their career growth chances in their current position are poor.

The latest Retirement Confidence Survey from the Employee Benefit Research Institute shows some 70% of employees doubt they'll ever retire.

Employees' entrenchment seems to have rejiggered employers' priorities. MetLife's eighth annual "Employee Benefits Trends Study," reveals that 53% of employers, when asked to list their three most important benefits objectives, said controlling heath and welfare benefits costs; 47% said retaining employees, while 42% cited increasing employee productivity.

For the first time since 2006, controlling benefit costs edged out employee retention as the top concern facing employers - not a good stat for succession planning experts, already struggling to get employers' attention.

Yet they continue to press on, knowing that putting off indefinitely what employers should be planning for today may cost them dearly in the long run.

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Is this thing on? - Articles - Employee Benefit News

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