Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Insightlink 4Cs Model of Employee Satisfaction: Commitment

Research tells us that employers can favorably influence their employees’ commitment to their organization by taking action to create a positive work environment, one that demonstrates that the employee is valued.
The following factors and initiatives have been shown to have a positive effect on employee satisfaction:
  • Clearly stated roles and responsibilities and appropriate work behavior;
  • Open and supportive communications with both immediate supervisors and senior management;
  • The quality of the relationships between employees and their immediate supervisors;
  • Opportunities for training and development;
  • Well-defined and communicated career paths and goals;
  • Formal and informal recognition provided on a consistent basis;
  • Coaching and feedback on performance provided regularly;
  • Policies that provide for good work/life balance and actions that support the policies;
  • Sufficient pay, benefits and rewards, provided in a fair and equitable manner.
Ideally, the organization will strive to successfully develop a balance of quality products and/or services, financial stability, and a positive work environment that demonstrates a commitment to fair treatment of employees, recognition of employees’ needs and support for the organization's values. Such balance is not easily achieved and requires careful nurturing for the organization to thrive.
The importance of these factors and policies are the basis behind Insightlink's 4Cs model of employee satisfaction, with the four key drivers being Commitment, Culture, Communications and Compensation.

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