Wednesday, November 5, 2014

6 Reasons Your Colleagues Don't Like You Anymore

Today’s workplace is fueled with political maneuvering, envy, and greed – with only an occasional touch of class. The days of doing the right thing have transitioned into survival of the fittest as employees have become more fearful for their future and thus are looking out for themselves, more than for the organization they serve. For many, the workplace has become a domain of frustration where very few have one another’s backs. Tired of the distrust and their toxic work environments, employees are eager for a fresh start.


Rather than finding ways to build camaraderie through teambuilding and collaborative efforts, employees have become more focused on their own personal gain.   They are no longer hesitant to spend corporate budgets and create third party relationships – in hopes of opening new doors of opportunity that will benefit them much more.  This emerging attitude stems from disgruntled employees and the lack of trustworthy employee relations and engagement, not just with their boss but more so amongst colleagues themselves. Read more on

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