Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Steps to Successful Action Planning

As summarized in the Workbook, the key steps to take following any employee survey are to:
Review your Insightlink 4Cs survey results yourself and with senior management in order to understand the main themes from your employee survey, identify the key strengths of your organization and the primary opportunities for improvement.

Share a summary of the results with your employees, both to give them a "heads up" that their voices have been heard and to prepare them for the action planning to follow. Since all employees should attend an Employee Survey Feedback Session, make sure that you hold enough sessions to accommodate for different schedules, locations, etc.
Name a coordinator (usually someone in HR) who is responsible for the Action Planning process, in addition to naming sponsors and/or Task Forces for each of the major issues addressed in your Insightlink 4Cs report.

Set clear and specific goals for improvement at your organization. Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to set goals both at the corporate level as well as at individual department, site or functional unit level.

Create an effective and workable Action Plan to achieve those goals, including establishing a concrete time frame for implementation. If your organization is large enough, your organization should develop both a Corporate plan and separate department/site/functional unit plans.
Communicate the applicable Action Plans to your employees, which not only prepares them for the changes that will be taking place but also establishes accountability within the Action Planning process.

Monitor and measure progress at achieving the goals in the Action Plans on a regular basis and celebrate successes as they occur.

Conduct regular follow-up employee surveys in order to evaluate the overall success of your Action Plans and to establish additional opportunities for improvement.

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