Friday, September 18, 2009

Leveraging the Connections between Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Organizational Strength

Companies with high levels of employee engagement earn returns that are more than double those of the overall market" While there is no magic pill or instant solution for employee engagement, Insightlink's years of experience with organizations of different sizes and spanning various industries reveal clear connections between employee engagement and organizational strength. One of the strongest connections is often customer satisfaction. Connection is the link - whether it has the strength of a chain or the precariousness of a thin thread - that correlates employee engagement to an organization's strength (most typically financial strength).

Engaged employees function as the beginning of the link and, ideally, the other side or end is the organization's strength as a whole…the customer satisfaction in between is the crux of the link. That link takes the strength of employee engagement and leverages it into revenue growth and profitability. Engaged employees perform in a manner that leads customers to act more loyally, which generally leads to greater profits and future growth. Disengaged employees (such as what Insightlink's 4Cs framework calls "Dissatisfied Compromisers") do just the opposite.

So how do we help organizations build and strengthen this link? When it comes to employee engagement, the process and practice for appropriate alignment of survey results with subsequent action planning optimally include:

Leadership involvement from senior executives, particularly the top executive
Clarifying and establishing overall objectives
Determining drivers of engagement
Effectively communicating the objectives to the internal audience at all levels
Aligning to objectives, including appropriate accountability
Measurement of the work-life environment
Acting on the results

The underlying premise is that successful organizations need to retain people who care about their work, who care about how they perform it and who care about the overall success of the company. Ready to see how you can benefit from increased engagement? Get an instant quote now or call us at 866-802-8095 x705. Like so many of our customers who return year after year, seeing an average of 6-7% points improvement in their overall employee satisfaction, you'll be glad you did.

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