Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Loyalty Weakens at Small Firms

With small firms scrimping on employee benefits as the recovery stalls, a growing number of workers say they’re open to better offers from other employers, a new study finds.
Less than half of 1,412 small-business workers recently surveyed by MetLife said they felt a strong sense of loyalty towards their current employers, down from 62% in a similar survey in November 2008, the New York insurance firm reported. As many as 34% said they would rather be working for someone else, the survey found.
By contrast, a parallel survey of 1,508 employers found their perceptions of employee loyalty hadn’t changed, with 54% believing their workers were still fiercely loyal.
The results are part of MetLife’s annual Employee Benefits Trends report, released Monday.
About 50% of workers who said they weren’t happy with their jobs blamed company benefits, the survey found.
During the downturn many small employers cut back or held benefits packages steady, with the percentage offering certain types of benefits roughly unchanged over the past three years, the report said.
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