Friday, July 15, 2011

Boss Should Be More a Parent Than Friend

Should you try to be a close friend to your employees or is there another way to approach the relationship. This short article on The Street weighs in…
Showing an employee you care means walking some fine lines. There's a difference, for example, between asking about someone's life and being nosy.
We all know, of course, about the critical importance of engagement to your company’s profitability and success…
Research has shown over and over that employee engagement is an important predictor of retention levels and productivity: Workers who feel deeply connected to their job are more likely to stay longer and do better work. To be engaged, employees need to believe that the person they report to cares about their life and career. Even Google, with its emphasis on tech wizardry, found during a recent in-house study that caring and concern were the most important qualities for effective managers -- skills that ranked well ahead of technical know-how.
And we also know  that highly engaged employees have higher levels of agreement that their managers care about them. But does that mean you have to make everyone who works for you into your BFF?
Read the whole article here.

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