Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Skills Gap Is Bunk

From Dan Irwin…
You name the business pundit or educator. They’re all saying that the US labor market has a skills gap, a gap that has a heavy impact upon the unemployment rate. But how accurate, really, are those statistics. And more significantly, when you drill down into the jobs data what does it reveal?
The basics are scary. Four years after the start of the Great Recession, US business is making record profits. But we have a “jobless recovery” with unemployment stubbornly high. Two-thirds of manufacturing employers decry the lack of qualified applicants. Fast-growing companies say that finding really qualified candidates is a huge impediment to growth.
In other words, workers don't have the proper skills. But Dan says otherwise, quoting from the book Why Good People Can’t Get Jobs: The skills gap and what companies can do about it. by Peter Capelli. It’s must reading for HR managers.
Last week we posted an article that indicated jobs for skilled workers were going unfilled. Here we have the opposite view as to why this is the case.
Read Dan’s full blog post here.

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