Monday, August 15, 2011

How To Create A Peak-Performance Employee Team

Management can be defined as getting things done through others. To be a manager you must be an expert at persuading and influencing others to work in a common direction. This is why all excellent managers are also excellent low-pressure salespeople. They don't order people to do things—they persuade them to accept certain responsibilities, with specific deadlines and agreed-upon standards of performance.
When a person is persuaded that he or she has a vested interest in doing a job well, they accept ownership of the job and the result. Once a person accepts ownership and responsibility, the manager can step aside confidently.
In every part of your life, you have a choice of either doing it yourself or delegating it to others. Your ability to get someone else to take on the job with the same enthusiasm that you would have is an exercise in personal persuasion. It may seem to take a little longer at the beginning, but it saves you an enormous amount of time in the completion of the task.
A key form of leverage that you must develop for success is other people’s knowledge. Successful people are not those who know everything needed to accomplish a particular task, but they are people who know how to find the knowledge they need.
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