Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Problems with Low Morale Loom as Hiring Heats Up

When the sun finally sets on the second quarter of 2011, a recent survey of thousands of employers suggests hiring increases will be evident in several areas — especially commercial and administrative jobs. But, another survey suggests that problems with low morale will spell trouble for employers as overall hiring heats up.
In a survey conducted by Express Employment Professionals of 19,000 companies regarding hiring plans in the second quarter, 39 percent of respondents plan to hire commercial workers and 29 percent indicated plans to hire administrative workers. The numbers are more modest for higher-level jobs, but 13 percent of respondents anticipate hiring to fill engineering and accounting positions, and 12 percent of respondents plan to hire for information technology and marketing positions.
Of those companies surveyed on second quarter hiring plans, 50 percent find it “very easy” to “somewhat easy” to recruit for and fill positions. Their top three recruiting sources include staffing firms (67 percent), employee referrals (59 percent), and online job boards (39 percent). But 44 percent of respondents indicated that they find it “somewhat difficult” to “very difficult” to recruit new hires at all.
While any indication of job growth is a sight for weary eyes these days, 15,000 employers were surveyed by Express on morale and their responses point to looming problems related to job growth and increased productivity. About 42 percent of respondents indicated that plummeting worker morale could begin to deplete their workforce when hiring becomes more vigorous. In fact, 65 percent of human resources executives are highly to very highly concerned about losing their best workers following the recession.
What’s with all the gloom on the job?
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