Friday, June 24, 2011

The Economics of Re-recruiting

by Jessica Miller-Merrell on June 23, 2011
It seems to me that after a company recruits, wows, and hires an individual, the recruiting and candidate courting process stops. These hard working employees are working for your organization.  They are trained.  They understand the ropes, and they do the job.  And yet we forget to re-recruit our own employees, our internal candidates when we should be re-recruiting them at every opportunity we have.
In my mind the re-recruiting process is simple.  You appreciate them.  You show them respect and you mean it.  You tell them thank you and occasionally you buy them pizza or ice cream to celebrate in the break room.  It sounds simple but for many organizations it’s long forgotten.  Their people just aren’t worth the time, effort, and money to re-recruit.
Maybe that’s not really the case.  I know HR folks, executive leaders, and front line managers are busy.  But who isn’t busy these days?  Our teams been downsized, right-sized, and re-sized.  And still our employees stuck with us through the hard times, putting in the extra hours, effort, and time because they loved the organization or maybe it was the people, or maybe because they had no other option.
Bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter.  They’re here.  They stuck with it, and they have chosen to work for your organization.  It’s a relationship, and for most employees the relationship is all about give, give, give while their partner (the company) takes, takes, takes.
These employees are tired of the one way relationship and some are considering cutting the cord.
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