Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Makes High Performers Stay?

If talented finance staffers don't have strong managers, good pay is not likely to help you retain them.
High-performing finance staffers know what they like: money (their own, in addition to the company's). They're grumpy about not having more of it — but not so much that it makes them look for new jobs.
Those are among the conclusions that can be drawn from the latest research by the finance and strategy practice of the Corporate Executive Board (CEB). Asked to rate 38 job attributes, 43% of the 983 participating high performers judged compensation to be "important," far outdistancing work-life balance, the number-two response.
That may be one reason why they are disappointed with the pay they get. Reporting their level of satisfaction with the various job attributes, they ranked compensation near the bottom, in 35th position. (Topping the list were company location, stability, and product-service quality.)
Yet factoring in responses to questions designed to gauge finance employees' intentions about staying in their job or leaving, the CEB found a surprisingly low correlation between satisfaction with compensation and inclination to seek other employment.
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