Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HR – Dribble, Dribble, Pass...

HR wants to be relevant.  HR wants a seat at the table.  HR wants to be part of the business
But HR doesn’t want the ball.
They want to pass it to the next person and not be responsible for the loss.  And by default – they won’t be responsible for the win either.  HR needs to want the ball.
Dateline: Globe and Mail, March 22 – article:  “Feeling unmotivated? HR managers say it’s the boss’s fault.”
“A majority of the HR managers said executives are falling down in four areas. Seventy one percent said managers should listen more to employees’ opinions, 68 percent said they fail to communicate clear expectations, 58 percent said they need to give more recognition and praise and 57 percent said they need to provide more learning and development opportunities.”
So let me ask this HR peeps...which of the four things in that quote are on your to do list?  I’m guessing maybe one – reviewing Reward and Recognition platforms so you can install a “system” that helps managers NOT be involved in the recognition of great employee effort.
It’s the People – And Their Managers
Too often I have this exact conversation with clients.  They want a system to replace the work that their management should be doing to engage and drive performance in an organization.  They want to “outsource” human connections to a point and click interface believing they have “done the job” and forever on they will have engaged employees.
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