Wednesday, August 19, 2009

While you may have access to the technology to design your own employee surveys, you probably don't have the experience and external norms needed to avoid the problems and pitfalls that accompany question selection, web surveys, and rapid reporting.

Insightlink Communications delivers the anonymity and insight needed for effective employee surveys in four phases:

Phase One — Project Planning
Survey design, question item selection, demographic codes, reporting requirements.
Data collection options to ensure anonymity and high returns.
Web page setup. Communication and implementation support.

Phase Two — Data Collection and Data Compilation
Respondents complete surveys by paper or web.
Program computer to accommodate survey questions, coding, and report requirements.
Generate reports to survey code specifications.

Phase Three — Data Analysis, Report Preparation
Review all quantitative data. Analyze and prepare charts showing differences, similarities, trends and themes.
Review all written comments. Sort and analyze information into a meaningful format.
Consolidate all data and prepare an overall report of findings including strengths, problems, and recommendations for improving the work climate.

Phase Four — Feedback and Action Planning
Define and clarify next steps for communicating the survey findings.
Ensure a process is in place to develop action plans to support the findings.
Review total findings if desired with the leadership team.

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