Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Employee Engagement -----> Customer Satisfaction -----> Organizational Strength

Engaged employees are the essence of “Insightlink” – a connection that can make or break an organization’s revenue growth and profitability. Without this “Insightlink” (engaged employees performing in an engaging manner resulting in customers responding more loyally) profits and future growth can be compromised or even cease to be.

The Insightlink is basically the bridge – whether it has the strength of a chain or the precariousness of a thin thread – that correlates employee engagement to an organization's strength, most typically financial strength.

Employee Engagement ----> Customer Satisfaction -----> Organizational Strength

Discerning who is an engaged employees is actually more challenging than one may think. Defining engaged employees requires looking at results of all employees in context. Among the reasons organizations choose Insightlink is for its expertise and independently-commissioned benchmark norms. Based on experience, Insightlink can tell you that engagement is not only crucial for the employees with direct customer contact – it’s also important for behind-the-scenes employees who indirectly impact an organization’s revenue and profitability by the way they support managers and other employees.

You may be surprised to hear that improved customer satisfaction is linked to cost savings and revenue gains so organizations can predict and even measure the return on investment from action planning goals stemming from employee engagement survey results. Bottom line: Employee engagement surveys and strategic actions based on quality engagement surveys are a sound investment for the organization and its customers.

Before you dive in, know that key players from top management to HR points of contact need to be on board. Organizational success on relies on successful communications and needs to ensure that employees:

Grasp the purpose of your employee-engagement initiative
Understand the financial goals of the initiative
Clearly understand how senior management is committed to a survey that supports an employee engagement-customer response-organizational growth model

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