Monday, August 10, 2009

Employee Engagement by Organization Size - Part 1

Employers may underestimate the role that benefits play in keeping employees, according Insightlink’s annual normative survey.

In looking at satisfaction with various aspects of employee engagement, satisfaction with benefits literally appears to be the only area where employees at larger companies (i.e., over 500 employees) seem to be significantly more satisfied than their peers at smaller companies.

On literally all other scores showing variances of 8 or more percentage points, usually organizations of 100 or fewer employees (and usually even ones with between 101 and 500) showed higher satisfaction scores.

Overall satisfaction was significantly lower at organizations with over 500 employees (60% for <101, 59% 101-500, 54% 500+) and satisfaction with senior management dropped as organization size grew (49% <101, 44% 101-500, 37% 500+). Similarly, morale – personal, departmental and organizational – decreased as the employee number increased.

Morale of dept/work group 50%/45%/38%
The morale among employees 46%/39%/35%
of your organization as a whole
Your own morale 60%/58%/51%

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