Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Retention is Like Gardening: At Times, You Need to Change the Soil

“What time did you get in last night,” I asked my daughter.
“Around 3 am,” she answered. It was now 5:45 am and I was leaving the house. As I walked downstairs from her room, I shook my head in wonderment. My question was this: how can you continue working people all these hours?
Everyone has a breaking point.
When my daughter interviewed for the job, she was told that yes, there would be late hours. She assumed that a few nights would be OK.
She later found out that the last couple of people in her position quit. One person walked out for lunch and never returned. How is that for exiting the premises?
What I was told was that this is an issue in only one department. Everyone else in the company works “normal” hours.
During my time, I have done numerous late nights, sometimes solo, but most of the time with my team. I knew as a manager that I had to compensate them in some way for that. My solution: don’t come in tomorrow, or better still, choose another day and take it off on me.
This is called quid pro quo. It worked and we lived happily ever after.
If you have a situation where these type of hours are the norm, expect your retention numbers to not remain very high.
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