Tuesday, April 10, 2012

15 perks an employer can offer to improve work-life balance

Work/Life Balance
The majority of people spend more hours at work than they do with family or friends. Unfortunately, 90 per cent of American mothers and 95 per cent of American fathers report work-family conflict. While engaged employees are motivated and dedicated to their organization, it is important for employers to recognize these employees need time away from the workplace to stay engaged.
There are countless ways for supporting a positive work/life balance; however, the key is to offer options. Employees have different needs, so allowing choices is the best way to support a diverse staff. Flexibility in scheduling is a major bonus for many employees. This added value oftentimes makes employees appreciate their position more than they would have otherwise, which leads to commitment to the organization and builds a strong foundation for engagement. Adjustable scheduling can also help attract top talent; 72 per cent said flexible work arrangements would cause them to choose one job over another.
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