Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your Biggest Branding Challenge Is Unhappy Employees

You’re employees aren’t happy. This is your biggest branding challenge.
For those of you who like the Cliff Notes version of things, or have trained yourself to digest news in 140 characters at a time, you may be excused from the rest of this post. For the rest of you, I’ll explain myself a bit further.
#1: Your employees aren’t happy.
According to a recent survey by job-placement firm Manpower, 84% of employees were planning to look for a new job in 2012. Earlier this year, Mercer’s “What’s Working” survey further validated these statistics, reporting that one in three US employees have moved past the “planning” phase and are getting serious about leaving their current jobs. Just about 20 percent of my LinkedIN network did just that in the past year.
Gallup is the author of some well-quoted research around employee engagement which shows that 20 percent of your workforce is actively disengaged, while the vast majority sits on the fence and punches the proverbial clock. These latest stats suggest that the actively disengaged cohort is winning new converts every day. There are even books to support the disengaged and disgruntled. A recent best-selling book by Jon Acuff, called Quitter, provides a step by step plan for people who want to trade in their day job for their dream job.
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