Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Tips To Retaining Star Gen Y Talent

Every company wants to tap a new generation of innovative and vibrant talent, but few companies have figured out how to successfully retain the rockstars who can help catapult your company or team to the next level.
Retaining phenomenal talent has always been difficult, but doing so with the Gen Y demographic poses new challenges: salary and title are no longer enough, because Gen Y has a completely different barometer of success and happiness. Money is not synonymous with happiness, and titles do not automatically translate to success. Bottom line: Gen Y wants to be fulfilled and make a meaningful impact; in fact, many of them want to somehow change the world, or at least the lives of those around them.
In our current economic climate--with volatility and unease continuing to define many work environments--the distinction and loyalty of the team is of critical importance. More than ever, we need talented colleagues to stick it out with us and elevate our organizations. However, we continue to hear about Gen Y's feeling of entitlement and immense turnover. What is really happening, and how can we utilize the tools that a number of budding startups are creating to solve some of these issues?

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