Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Employees Make Thriving Companies - Entrepreneur.com

Create programs that promote a healthy work-life balance and enrich your employees' lives.

Fifty years ago, if you said you wanted better work-life balance, most managers would have smiled and assumed that meant you wanted to work until the balance of your life was over. Fortunately, times have changed. The best employers strive to help workers strike the right balance between work and enjoying life away from the office so they are re-energized when they return each day.
Every manager or business owner must ask, “Do my employees like coming to work or is work a repressive grind that they can’t wait to get away from, unwilling to spend an extra minute at work?”
Helping employees balance work and life has been a hot topic for years. Overlooking this need can cost business owners productivity, increased turnover, morale and--according to the Mayo Clinic--even contribute to poor employee health.

For the complete article and more ways to make your workplace less like work and more like a club that employees want to be part of, follow the link below:

Happy Employees Make Thriving Companies - Entrepreneur.com

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