Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Engage your staff to beat recession - Emirates Business 24|7

As competition warms up, firms are trying to engage staff.

As businesses prepare to face the intense post-recession competition, more firms in the region are focusing on employee engagement by improving leadership and staff management capabilities.

According to those in the recruitment and human performance improvement business this is because performance goes hand in hand with fulfillment.

"Performance alone is not sustainable in organizations anymore," Stephan Melchior, Managing Director and Consultant of Wilson Learning, told Emirates Business. "We need people that invest a high level of energy into their jobs to execute business strategy, be innovative, customer-focused, and focus on implementation. People with a high level of job fulfillment work out of passions and deliver continuously high performance in their positions."

Sudeshna Mukherjee, General Manager at careers portal, added: "The fallacy in the management circles is to focus on performance and managers tend to react to those, while they miss out on the element of fulfillment. In many cases, performance is affected due to lack of fulfillment and an effective leader is the one who can identify these factors and work on those with their team members."

There are many challenges in driving employee engagement as the main driver for that is usually the line manager and how they motivate their staff generally depends on their leadership skills as well as the organizational culture, the experts said.

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Engage your staff to beat recession - Emirates Business 24|7

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