Thursday, May 27, 2010

Employee morale on the wane as organisations overstretch staff

That the economic recession is affecting businesses and the general workforce is no surprise, given that the world has become a global village, in a manner of speaking. Today’s mantra is re-engineering, restructuring, downsizing, rightsizing and retrenchment, among others. These are different words that express one concept: cutting down on staff strength.

A recent survey however provides an intriguing insight into the many ways the economic downturn is shaping employees’ attitude to work. Nowadays, it has been discovered that employees’ morale and loyalty can no longer be trusted, as they seem to be on the wane on a daily basis. In Nigeria, findings show that the global economic recession and attendant reforms, especially in the financial services sector have not only resulted in the disengagement of some employees in many organisations but spurred some feeling of insecurity and dissatisfaction among those in active employment

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