Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Engagement and Purpose-Driven Work - A Natural Fit!

Back in the days of the dinosaur, the Bob the caveman would leave home, go to work, and eight hours later bring home a brontosaurus for his cavewoman, Sally, to cook. That was his purpose – he was the hunter and gatherer.
In 2016, a few things have changed. Sally has joined the ranks of the hunter/gatherer, and, depending on who arrives home first, Bob is cooking the Bronto-burgers.
However, there are things that have not changed. Employees are still looking for a purpose to their lives. Consider the fact that employees spend 40 hours/week, 160 hours/month, and 1920 hours/year working, mostly away from home doing a job for someone else's profit. Their reward – a modest paycheck, time off when sick, time off for a little fun, and a gold watch upon retirement (if you’re lucky).
So the desire to have a purpose for all this time away from family – beyond the paycheck – is extreme in an increasing number of employees. “I know my job is to tighten this screw on this doohickey, and do it well, but why am I doing it? Why is it so important? That word – important – is what is paramount to these employees. They want to believe they are doing something important. Bringing home a dino for the family was very important but tightening screws, maybeeeeee not so much. Read full article on Examiner.com

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