Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Goodbye nine to five, hello work-life balance

Employees want flexibility and freedom from outdated work practices. For this to happen, organizations must empathize with the individual.

So many of our current working patterns are hugely outdated. The idea of “nine to five” was conceived during the industrial revolution, prior to the invention of electricity, never mind the internet. Our culture of presentee-ism was born out of conformity, rather than evolving working patterns into what we truly need, both in terms of motivation and productivity.

Large organizations embrace a fixed regime of regimented hours and a single office space because it enables them to retain control over their workforce. Big businesses that allow employees to work from home on Wednesdays, leave early on a Friday, or work a four-day week are not offering true flexibility, they are merely extending the leash. But the tide is turning: people are now taking the matter of work-life balance into their own hands. One in seven workers in the UK has chosen self-employment as the most effective means to take control. Read more on The Guardian

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