Friday, December 9, 2011

Benefits of 360° Feedback

The 360° performance assessment survey is a proven way to provide employees with  constructive feedback from the people they most usually interact with in the organization: managers, peers and direct reports all provide their input on a subject's performance and competence. There are many distinct advantages that can be realized from this type of assessment, and the technique has been gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes.

A Complete Perspective

By using multiple points of view, 360° feedback allows a subject to gain a deeper understanding of their impact on the people they interact with daily in their jobs. Individuals tend to judge others based on their own expectations, which can result in one-dimensional opinions. Managers, for example, may rate employees based on their output, while peers may judge others based on their levels of cooperation, and direct reports may judge their managers based on their fairness. By combining the opinions from all of these individuals together, 360° assessments provide a more complete analysis than any individual point-of-view. Feedback from a group of raters also lends credibility to the results of  an assessment, making the feedback more meaningful to the subject and increasing the potential for real behavioral change.
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