Friday, March 25, 2011

In 2010, resignations outnumber layoffs

Rejoice! More people quit their jobs in December than were laid off or fired.
That's nearly two million people who voluntarily left offices, laboratories, and factories that may or may not have been deemed "the best place to work."
Nevertheless, we should be cheered by that turn of events because a rising "quits rate," as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics calls it, means more people are willing or able to change jobs. The peak level of quits was 3.2 million in November 2006 - a year before the recession began.
As twisted as it may be to cheer on those quitting, I'd argue that such proactive job mobility can only be considered a good sign for employers who finally may be turning their mind-set from years of cost-cutting to new investment.
Will those individuals changing jobs find their new employers to be a better fit than their previous ones? Hard to say, but there is apparently an army of researchers and survey professionals poised to find out.
It seems that as the various rankings of the "best places to work" proliferate, so, too, does anxiety over employee or job satisfaction.
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