Monday, November 29, 2010

CSR – FedEx builds into employee engagement

FedEx belief in CSR strategy

Whether charity, community or environmentally based, a comprehensive CSR initiative has the potential to motivate team members and impact a company’s internal reputation.

However, a well thought out CSR strategy is also a powerful tool in engaging external stakeholders. A company’s ethical reputation can increase customer loyalty and attract investment, thereby increasing its profit margins. Yet, a company’s commitment to corporate responsibility must be advocated from the inside out.

For a company’s CSR strategy to truly resonate among its team members, they must be considered at every stage to ensure that it is in-keeping with their own principles, as well as the company’s overall business objectives.

Ultimately, without the support and active participation of the company’s team members in a CSR strategy, the initiative would falter. It is only as strong and credible as its employees’ dedication and belief in the cause.

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CSR – FedEx builds into employee engagement

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