Monday, October 18, 2010

Marrying employee engagement with customer satisfaction

The need to understand the impact of employee engagement on customer satisfaction is more important than ever. So what needs to be considered?

It’s almost trite to quote statistics on employee churn within contact centers. However, high agent churn is a well established if not completely well understood fact of contact centre operation. Employee engagement has been shown to be a key driver in reduction of attrition.

But how do you get staff to be more involved in the business? What do you need to do to increase job satisfaction and encourage employees to deliver consistently high performance levels and reduce absenteeism and defection?

The obvious answer is to find out what motivates each employee. Forward thinking companies are now moving beyond that, also asking how they can link employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The obvious linkage is from increased satisfaction to increased customer retention to increased revenue.

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Marrying employee engagement with customer satisfaction

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