Thursday, June 17, 2010

The ABCs of employee engagement

Think about what makes you want to get up in the morning and go to work. Is it the paycheque? Or is it the daily things you do at work and the people you work with? If you did a really boring job, or a job that you don't really find meaningful, had a manager who was either "never there" or "everywhere," and worked with people who don't talk to you, would you enthusiastically go to work in the morning? In other words, are you engaged at work?

Businesses want employees who feel engaged in their work and who care about the success of the business. Do you know how to achieve employee engagement? Here is the ABC of employee engagement.

A is for autonomy Employees need to feel that their behavioural choices come from them, not imposed by some outside source. For example, employees feel more engaged when they have a say in some decisions, such as schedules, work methods and processes. Imagine that your boss asks you to set your own monthly goals instead of simply assigning them to you. You will need to think about what needs to be accomplished in your job: to think about what the organization wants from you. This will make you realize the importance of your job for the success of the organization.

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The ABCs of employee engagement

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