Wednesday, October 7, 2009

“4Cs” Model of Employee Satisfaction

All Insightlink reports are structured on the basis of our “4Cs” model of Employee Satisfaction, which categorizes most survey results into one of four factors that influence and sustain employee involvement. These four factors are: Culture, Commitment, Communications and Compensation.

Most of the measures are based on 5-point agreement or rating scales. Wherever appropriate, summary means have been provided in addition to percentage distributions. The means are also calculated on a 5-point scale, with “1” being low and “5” being high.

Key benchmark norms have been included in this report to give context for organizations' performance against a norm for all U.S. employees and, when available, against a representative norm for their industry.

These benchmark norms are derived from an independent Insightlink study conducted annually among employees in the U.S. This study is based on representative samples of employees that is rigorously designed to match the most recent U.S. Census demographics and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics industry distribution.