Thursday, April 30, 2009

Economy not hurting engagement

Some good news from Birmingham Business Journal
While the economy is in turmoil, employers will be happy to know that their employees are more focused on getting the job done, according to a recent survey.

At least 84 percent of American employees said their job performance has not been affected by the economic rubble going on around them, while 14 percent said they sometimes catch themselves worrying but are doing the best they can, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Right Management, which is a division of Manpower.

Only 2 percent of workers said they are often distracted and find it difficult to perform their job tasks well.

“While worried about the economy, most people say that the daily doom and gloom reports are not distracting their performance at work,” said Douglas J. Matthews, COO of Right Management. “With job losses continuing to mount, unemployment reaching new heights and organizations struggling to meet profitability goals, employees are working hard and staying focused on getting the job done.”   

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