Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Handmade Desks, “Breathing Rooms,” And Gross Happiness: Take A Look Inside Etsy HQ

Beyond just quirk, crafty marketplace Etsy offers employes a green (B Corp certified) place to work where happiness is measured and learning is encouraged (two words: therapeutic doodling).

Seven years into its existence, the online handmade and vintage marketplace Etsy is such an Internet cultural staple that its most distinctive superficial parts--the twee aesthetic of many of its shops, the earnestness of its mission (“to change the way the global economy works”)--have become fodder for popular parodies. But those straight outta Portlandia aspects of Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters are also what make it a stimulating place to work.

Read the full story: ttp://www.fastcocreate.com/1681695/handmade-desks-breathing-rooms-and-gross-happiness-take-a-look-inside-etsy-hq#1

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